Elkey signed a cashless future

Imagine a way that allows your clients to analyze the sales directly from their tablet pc in a blink of an eye.
Provide a sophisticated electronic intelligence that helps to plan the vending strategies.
Use marketing tools in vending services.
Make a group of professionalists who will follows you during all the process, not just satisfy you for the usual customer service!

Welcome to Elkey with its range of services fully customizable not only according to your needs but according to the needs of your clients as well.
Look the future of your business!!


Bubble: The heart and brain of your business 

Bubble is a complete range of cashless products. A little technological device equipped with latest ICT innovations that enable its users a quick and natural adaptability for its incredible potential utilities.

An example? ? During the holiday season, your customers wants to plan more sales of hot drinks and, maybe, wants to reward the users through bonus points. With Bubble system today it’s not only possible but easy as well...